CJSC "Factory " Moldavizolit " was founded in 1960 and is a producer and distributor of a wide range of materials:foto

- Laminates for PCB production
- Laminates electro insulation technical application
- Materials flexible composites on base polymer films
- Materials Impregnated (prepregs)
- Rolled and moulded tubes and rods
- and etc.
The quality of our products responds to international standards NEMALI 1, IPC 4101, IEC 60893, IEC 61212.

Our principal customers are the companies of electronic, TV, engineering and instrument making, metallurgical and electric machine industry and others; communication and other companies.

The materials are produced on high-capacity plants of the leading world companies –“VITS”, “SIEMPELKAMP” (Germany), “PAGNONI” (Italy), “CARATCH” (Switzerland), and “Nakayama”(Japan).

fotoQuality management system of research development and production of electro insulating materials and copper clad dielectrics for PCBs is certified since 1998 for compliance with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001.

Quality management system is certified for compliance with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001:2008.


Promising developmentsare carried outin Scientific and Technical Centre. It was established in 1992 on the basis of Tiraspol Branch of National Research Institute of electro insulating materials (USSR) and central laboratory at the factory. Currently this centre has the following departments:

- fiber glass plastics laboratory;
- paper-based laminates laboratory;
- varnishes and resins synthesis laboratory;
- electrophysical tests laboratory;
- physicochemical research laboratory ;
- PCBs laboratory;
- microwave flexible and non-traditional materials laboratory;
- experimental and production zone.

fotoOperating departments and laboratories of the center are equipped with modern analytical and research equipment that helps carrying out multiple physicochemical researches. The staff consists of qualified scientists and engineers, who deal with new materials development including the materials with customersspecial requirements, and introduce the technologies of material production directly on equipment in production department.


We supply our production to the foreign countries: Kazakhstan, USA, Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech, Latvia, Lithuania and other countries.


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